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Zuri was a warrior and a loyal companion to T'Chaka, the former Black Panther and King of Wakanda. He later served as a special attendant/warrior to King T'Challa, the next Black Panther. He was a friend of Thor and admired Photon, considering her a "Sun Goddess", and also felt that T'Challa should have married her instead of Storm.

He was killed by Morlun alongside W'Kabi, trying to protect the wounded T'Challa and safeguard the preparation of Shuri as the new Black Panther.[1]

The two warriors were buried next to the other, Zuri's epitaph being Zuri / Warrior of Wakanda / Keeper of the Spear of Basgenga / Champion and Friend.[2]


He is incredibly large and strong, and considered to be a Wakandan war veteran who has fought alongside the previous king. He is also a very skilled tracker, expert hunter and considered a master of armed and unarmed combat.


Spear of Bashenga

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