Zorr was an android created by the Inhuman known as Maximus the Mad during one of his early take overs of the Inhuman throne. With the Inhuman royal family defeated and captured, Zorr was the last line of defense from other invaders. Zorr was used to fend off an attack by the Fantastic Four. The robot appeared to be indestructible and easily defeated its targets. [1] Deducing that Zorr was able to defeat them thanks to a hypnotic device that sapped their will to fight, Mister Fantastic disorientated the robot long enough for the Thing to shake off the effects of this hypnosis and hit Zorr as hard as he could, destroying the robot. Maximus was defeated shortly thereafter and his brother Black Bolt regained the Inhuman throne. [2]


Zorr was equipped with a hypnotic device that sapped the will of his opponents, forcing them to put up only a weak resistance to it, as well as lead them to believe that it was indestructible.


In the place of its left hand, Zorr had a blaster.

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