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HelpKing Zorba
Information-silkReal Name Zorba Haasen Fortunov
Information-silkCurrent AliasKing Zorba
Information-silkAliasesPrince Zorba
Information-silkRelativesKing Vladimir (father), Rudolfo (brother), unnamed half-brother, Dimitri Fortunov (half-nephew)
Information-silkAffiliationLatverian Freedom Fighters
Information-silkBase Of OperationsLatveria
Information-silkIdentityNo Dual Identity
Information-silkHeight6' 1"
Information-silkCreatorsMarv Wolfman, Keith Pollard
First Appearance
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Zorba is a member of the Royal Family of Latveria, son of King Vladimir, Brother of Rudolfo. During Doctor Doom's reign, Zorba was the leader of the rebel Latverian Freedom Fighters.[2] Zorba replaced Doom as king of Latveria after Fantastic Four defeated Doctor Doom; however, Zorba promised Mister Fantastic (Reed Richards) he would only be the interim ruler because democratic elections would be held soon.[3] Zorba was elected ruler of Latveria, but civil unrest followed after Zorba was forced to raise taxes to maintain the standard of living that Latverians had grown accustomed to under the rule of Doctor Doom.[4] Without Doom's authority, the civil unrest caused the country to fall into lawlessness and poverty.[5] To control the situation, Zorba instated martial law, enforced by a secret police of Doom's Servo-Guards that terrorized the citizens. Zorba's reign as king ended when Doom returned to Latveria and was restored to power with the help of the Fantastic Four.


  • Cybernetic Eye: Zorba has a cybernetic eye capable of shooting a nega-beam blast.[7] The cybernetic eye was surgically grafted onto Zorba as part of an experiment conducted by Gustav Hauptmann on behalf of Doctor Doom.[8]
  • Doom retakes the throne in Fantastic Four #247, but the issue does not actually show Zorba being killed by Doom.

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