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Working as a criminologist for the police department, Zora Loftus stole the technology belonging to the Vulture to create the identity of the Bluebird and began a series of robberies that caught the attention of the Spider-Man.

Zora Loftus (Earth-616) of Spider-Man Annual UK 1983 0004

Later she went on a talk show hosted by Charlie Gladhand and taunted Spider-Man that he was probably working as a team with Bluebird and that he too was a criminal. [1]

Her subsequent fate has yet to be recorded.


No known paranormal powers


Bluebird uses technology stolen from the Vulture.

  • Electromagnetic Wing Harness: Utilizing the stolen harness the Bluebird is able to fly with a natural winged flight limit. The anti-graviton generator attached to her suit enables her to take to the air by flapping the bird-like wings she wears under her arms. When wearing the electromagnetic harness, she possesses superhuman strength, vitality and athletic prowess.


Bluebird uses technology stolen in order to fly.

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