Appearing in the 1st StoryEdit

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:

  • Matt Haupt (Death)
  • Cherry
  • Doctor Barnes (Death)
  • Mabel (Death)
  • Elizabeth


  • Richard Ellis (Death)

Other Characters:

  • Peebles


  • Unidentified Reality
    • Magnetic Springs
      • Magnetic Springs Sheriff Department



Synopsis for the 1st StoryEdit

Sheriff Matt Haupt, Doctor Barnes, Richard Ellis and his ex-wife Cherry drives to the town's police station and finds Sheriff Haupt's dispatcher Mabel, who has locked herself inside a cell from the zombies after Officer Dwight had turned and was killed. Richard demands answers from Doctor Barnes as he knows about this outbreak.

Seeing that there is no point to keep anything secret, Doctor Barnes explains to everyone about the cause, including the military's accidental discovery of a zombie plague and the previous outbreak that happened in a town nearly a 100 miles from where they are. He recounts the previous outbreak had virtually contained itself after the infected "burned" themselves out within 12 hours. However, the zombies that they are now facing are not the same; Doctor Barnes theorized that the zombies are infected with a unique mutating strain of the virus derived from Simon Garth which gave them enhanced speed, apparent superhuman strength, and a greater resistance to injury even with a gunshot to the head. Furthermore, Barnes reveals that there is a countermeasure in place by the military for their salvation which he can initiate if he is given access to a radio.

Meanwhile, Simon Garth and Elizabeth arrives into Magnetic Springs while fighting off any zombies that are in their way.

Back at the police station, Doctor Barnes contacts his superior through the station's radio as he describe the situation. On the other end of the line, he is inform that everything will be over soon. Doctor Barnes finishes his contact and informs the group that a "cure" is coming within the break of dawn. A suspicious Sheriff Haupt ask him of what kind of cure he meant, in which Doctor Barnes honestly reveal the truth that the military is about to sterilize Magnetic Springs and the entire vicinity in order to contain and wipe out the outbreak. Upon hearing this, Richard grab the keys to the police car and takes along with Cherry (who is handcuffed to him) in a desperate attempt to escape; however, he had taken the wrong keys. Sheriff Haupt and Mabel arm themselves to save Cherry and Richard from the zombies outside. Doctor Barnes stays behind to resign to his fate as he tells to a scornful Sheriff Haupt that what he done was right to save the world, including his estranged family.

Haupt and Mabel exit out the station and saving Cherry and Richard, as Sheriff Haupt wipes out the zombies by blowing up his car. He runs back to the group and informs that they can take an extra car in the back lot. He then notice that Cherry is hurt and realize she has been beaten by Richard. This infuriated Sheriff Haupt - as he had a wife who he had lost to cancer - and attempts to kill Richard but is quickly shot in the chest by him, and Mabel is likewise killed. Garth suddenly appears behind Richard and rips his left arm off, freeing Cherry from him and to be reunited with her daughter. A dying Sheriff Haupt gives the keys to the squad car to Cherry. A crazed Richard tries to kill Garth but notice that more zombies are coming for him and watches his ex-wife and daughter driving away in the squad car. He then meekly goes after them as Garth stands solitary among the horde of zombies.

It is dawn as Richard, suffering from bloodloss, stumbles down the street and encounters a zombified Sheriff Haupt. He shoots Haupt in the head, but Haupt remains functional with half his head gone - as aforementioned by Doctor Barnes - and overpowers Richard and begins to devour him. Shortly thereafter, the town is bombed by the military.

Later that day, Peebles and a recovery team are searching the remains of Magnetic Springs. Peebles informs his superior via radio that despite the importance of Simon Garth they hadn't found him, and implore that Garth may have been destroyed in the blast.

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