Appearing in the 1st StoryEdit

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:

  • Cherry
  • Doctor Barnes
  • Matt Haupt
  • Elizabeth


  • Richard Ellis
  • Mitchell

Other Characters:

  • Dwight
  • Mabel (Behind the scenes)
  • Peebles


  • Unidentified Reality
    • Blood Point
    • Magnetic Springs



Synopsis for the 1st StoryEdit

At Blood Point - a National Weather Commission Headquarters - Doctor Barnes' superior Peebles debrief to his superiors of reports regarding to Simon Garth being located somewhere near Magnetic Springs. Peebles' superiors are not too pleased of the current situation ever since Peebles took over. Peebles assures them that everything is under control and as they continue to monitor the broadcast in Magnetic Springs they would know that Garth is still viable. His superiors replies that if anything else goes wrong, Peebles will be held accountable to clean it up in which he accepts this. As this is being said, in Magnetic Springs, the town has become overrun by zombies.

Meanwhile on the highway, Sheriff Haupt and Richard Ellis had heard the explosion coming from the woods. Sheriff Haupt argues with Richard that he must stay in their car while investigating where the explosion had come from and finding Elizabeth - in which Haupt mistake her for Richard's girlfriend. Cherry arrives at the hunters' cabin and find a still alive Doctor Barnes.

Back in town, Officer Dwight arrives outside of a bar called Roadhouse to stop a supposed barroom brawl. But he finds everyone inside have turned into zombies.

At the cabin, Cherry frees Doctor Barnes with an axe but is then attacked by a zombified Mitchell. She quickly swings the axe on Mitchell's head which unfazed him. Both Cherry and Doctor Barnes run away from the cabin while being chased by Mitchell's zombified mother and encounters Sheriff Haupt. The mother bores down on Sheriff Haupt, but she is then impaled with a sharp branch by Cherry. The three are then encounter by Mitchell who is then neutralized by Sheriff Haupt before walking back to Sheriff Haupt's car.

Sheriff Haupt contacts Mabel in needing the state police, but he is then inform by her of what is happening at Magnetic Springs and that all the phone lines are down. He then loses contact with Mabel. Garth and Elizabeth finds them from above an outcrop which the latter tries to call to Cherry, but Garth puts his hand on her mouth when seeing Doctor Barnes.

Cherry then ask Sheriff Haupt about her missing daughter, in which a confusion occurs between them as Haupt had mistake Cherry for Elizabeth. Richard suddenly steps out and is armed with a shotgun from the police car, revealing that he is Cherry's ex-husband. It is learned that Richard was an abusive husband and parent who had been stalking after his wife and daughter before the car crash. More zombies from the inbred family appears in which the father attacks Cherry, which forces Garth to intervene into killing him and what is left of the family. The group are forced back to the car at gunpoint by Richard and drives away, leaving Garth and Elizabeth behind. Garth then carries Elizabeth in his arms and start walking up the highway.

Sheriff Haupt, Cherry, Richard, and Doctor Barnes drives into Magnetic Springs and finding the entire town teeming with zombies.

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