Appearing in the 1st StoryEdit

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:

  • Cherry
  • Elizabeth
  • Matt Haupt
  • Richard Ellis
  • Doctor Barnes


  • Mitchell
  • Ronnie

Other Characters:

  • Gus
  • Violet


  • Unidentified Reality
    • Magnetic Springs
    • Highway 275



Synopsis for the 1st StoryEdit

The man who ran over the zombie on the highway, named Gus, returns to his home where he tells his wife Violet of what had happened. He is also showing signs of turning into a zombie.

Meanwhile, Cherry regains consciousness and finds Simon Garth sitting on a log with his back turned against her. She thanks Garth for saving her from the hunters Mitchell and Ronnie, and request his help in finding Elizabeth. But she then notice that Garth remains unresponsive. Cherry approaches closer to Garth and sees what he is before fleeing in fear.

On Highway 275, Sheriff Matthew Haupt arrives at the site of the car wreck after notifying Mabel to contact the state police over the crashed helicopter. As he inspects the wreckage, he is approach by a man named Richard Ellis and was the 911 caller and the driver of one of the crashed cars. Richard explains to Sheriff Haupt that he was supposedly with Elizabeth and suffered a exploded tire which caused the crash, and desperately needs to find Elizabeth as he last saw her wandering into the woods before he blacked out. Sheriff Haupt tells Richard that he is needed for medical attention and inspects Richard's car where he finds a makeshift spike strip, which was the cause of the car wreck. This discovery panics Richard as he insists to come along with Sheriff Haupt to look for Elizabeth.

Somewhere in the deep woods, Doctor Barnes is restrained on a slaughter table at the home of Mitchell and Ronnie. It is reveal that the hunters and their inbred family are cannibals and were responsible for laying the spike strip on the highway to capture people. Mitchell and Ronnie recounts their story with their father, whom they presume that based on Doctor Barnes and his uniform, the government is experimenting a biological weapon on backwoods locals. The family then plans on eating Doctor Barnes for "dinner".

Back on the highway, Sheriff Haupt and Richard finds the body of the zombie that bit Gus. Sheriff Haupt wisely chose not to touch the body and continues the search for Elizabeth. Back in Magnetic Springs, Gus's delinquent son and his friends return to his home to smoke pot but finds a zombified Gus eating the remains of Violet.

In the woods, Cherry is still searching for Elizabeth and, having nearly lost all hope, collapse on her knees which she then pray to God to know where Elizabeth is. Suddenly, a loud scream is heard which Cherry identifies it as Elizabeth's and runs to her. In another part of the forest, Elizabeth, a young girl, is surrounded by zombie-infected wolves while trapped on a rock. One of the wolves manage to climb up the rock, but is then killed by Simon Garth. He defends Elizabeth and kills the wolves. Elizabeth, who remains unafraid of Garth, befriends him.

Back at the cannibals' home, Doctor Barnes pleads to the inbred family that he can help cure Ronnie's affliction by making a phone call. But the father is skeptical and rants his paranoia. As he continues his rant he is bitten by a zombie-turned Ronnie in which in the fracas knocks over a lantern and creating a fire to break out. Ronnie kills his mother before being subdue by his father, who then orders Mitchell to kill Barnes. But the spread of the fire reaches to their distillery and causing a large explosion that is visible for miles.

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