Appearing in "Wrecks"Edit

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:

  • Cherry
  • Doctor Barnes
  • Matt Haupt


  • Mitchell
  • Ronnie

Other Characters:

  • Dwight (Behind the scenes)
  • Elizabeth (Behind the scenes)
  • Mabel (Behind the scenes)
  • Zeus the dog


  • Unidentified Reality
    • Highway 275



Synopsis for "Wrecks"Edit

On Highway 275, a woman named Cherry emerges from a terrible car wreck. She begins calling out for a young girl named Elizabeth. Elizabeth is nowhere to be found, so the disheveled Cherry begins searching the nearby forest. She comes upon two hunters and asks them for help. These men have no interest in anything but violating the defenseless woman. As one man, Ronnie, begins attacking Cherry, the Zombie known as Simon Garth appears and attacks them. Ronnie and his friend Mitchell try to keep the Zombie at bay with their shotguns, but the blasts do absolutely no damage to him. Turning around, they run off screaming into the woods. The Zombie picks Cherry up and begins slowly walking away with her.

Meanwhile, deeper in the woods, a scientist named Doctor Barnes emerges from the remains of a downed helicopter. He radios back to his superior and tells him that he has lost the subject as well as the subject's blood sample. As the man on the other end of the phone chastises him, Doctor Barnes loses his cell phone signal. He comes upon the pilot of the helicopter and discovers to his horror that the syringe containing the subject's blood sample is sticking out of his neck. The sample has turned the pilot into a zombie and he is presently eating the other victims of the crash.

Later, Sheriff Matthew Haupt receives a telephone call from the sheriff's dispatch office. The dispatcher, Mabel, tells him about a 9-11 call she received about a crash off Highway 275. Haupt tells her that he will investigate.

Back in the woods, Doctor Barnes runs away from the zombie pilot, and the pilot gives chase. They run headlong into Ronnie and Mitchell. The pilot bites Ronnie on the arm. Mitchell kills the pilot before knocking out Doctor Barnes with the butt of his rifle. Still later, a man driving down the highway with his dog hits a body in the road. He gets out to inspect the damage, but the body turns out to be a zombie, which proceeds to eat the driver's leg.

Shortly thereafter, Sheriff Haupt drives up to the area where the crashed helicopter remains smoldering.

  • Zombie: Simon Garth is a four-issued limited series published under Marvel's MAX imprint; includes explicit content.
  • This issue shipped on November 28th, 2007.

The cover is homage to Tales of the Zombie #1.

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