Quote1 After all the battles and the bloodshed fought over this... no one in S.H.I.E.L.D. or the Avengers ever thought to ask... what a giant key is actually for. Quote2
-- Scorpio src


The Zodiac Key originated in another dimension where conflict, especially between the forces of good and evil, in which neither side entirely and permanently defeats the other, is prized above all else. However, when conflict had waned there over time, a cult of beings known as the Brotherhood created the Zodiac Key and sent it to Earth, believing that the Key would perpetuate the struggle between good and evil, as the battle was more intense on Earth than in their own world.[1]

The Zodiac Key is made of an unknown material. The holder may control vast psionic forces, enabling him or her to teleport and fire energy blasts. The key can also be used as an infinite energy source for machines. The key is capable of complicated matter manipulation as it was shown creating a restructuring LMD.[2]

The key is capable of independent thought, and will sometimes resist it's user's commands, especially when they would end conflict instead of initiating it. It once restored Jake Fury's body after he was grievously wounded without being commanded to do so.[3]

After years of conflict, the Zodiac Key eventually fell into the hands of Jake Fury's grandson Vernon. Vernon's father had told him stories about the true purpose of the Key, and he set out to unlock its secrets.[4] After finding the Zodiac Grand Orrery,[5] Vernon, now under the alias of Scorpio, combined it with the Zodiac Key at the prime meridian in Greenwich, and revealed the existence of a secret passway underneath the earth. Scorpio entered the cave and opened a giant door with the Zodiac Key, reveling a flare of light that thrusted a year worth of future knowedge diretly into Scorpio's mind. Spider-Man interfered and pushed Scorpio further into the light, causing him to vanish and be teleported a year into the future.

Once Scorpio was dealt with, S.H.I.E.L.D. retrieved the Zodiac Key.[4]

Alternate Realities

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Needed On Earth-199999, the Zodiac Key appears in a glass case in the Broker's shop. Guardians of the Galaxy (film)



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