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The Zn'rx, or Snarks as they are called by Power Pack, are an alien race. They look most like bipedal reptilians with a digitigrade leg structure. They are intelligent and have interstellar travel technology. However, they are also a warlike race by tradition, though some Zn'rx try to break this habit, most notably the last emperor, Bhadsha.

The Zn'rx are divided into many clans. Each individual clan is led by a queen, who are all married to The Emperor, who rules over all clans. Upon the death of the Emperor, the clans fight wars against each other; the son of the Queen of the winning clan becomes the next Emperor.[1]

The Skrulls originally encountered the Zn'rx centuries ago during such a war of succession. Presumably there were no other wars of succesion until the mid 1980's when Maraud discovered a matter/antimatter device in development on Earth. As part of Maraud's schemes to secure her son, Jakal's place on the throne, Maraud attempted to steal the matter/antimatter device. She kidnapped James Power, the inventor, and his wife Margaret. However, the kids of James and Margaret received powers from a dying Aelfyre Whitemane and these kids used these powers to rescue their parents and to keep the matter/antimatter device out of Maraud's hands. The kids accidentally destroyed the device in the process but Maraud has continued to harass the kids of Power Pack since and has multiple times attempted to use them during the most recent Snark war of succession, each time without succes however.

Years after Power Pack first ran into them, they, along with various Zn'rx clans who were also tired of the succession wars, managed to end the war by defeating Maraud and Jakal (who had usurped the Throne and was waging a war on the other clans to put them back in line). Julie suggested that instead of 1 emperor, the Zn'rx could use a Triumvirate. When last seen, it was suggested that the Zn'rx would indeed adopt this new form or government, though Jack was skeptical if it would last. [2]

Other realities


The race survived in one way or another up through the 31st Century. One member of the Zn'rx race at that time was gifted with greater than normal powers of awareness. Calling himself Scanner, he joined the mercenary group Force. During the quest to obtain Captain America's Shield, Scanner was placed in a one-on-one contest against Nikki of the Guardians of the Galaxy, who defeated him. Scanner remains in the employ of Force.[3]


In the reality of Earth-5631, the Zn'rx were one of several alien species who at some point in history discovered the secret of the anti-matter formula, and tried to use it to make a weapon: The Annihilator. However, their attempt to harness this power resulted in their planet being destroyed. Along with the other races that lost their planets this way, including the Kymellians, they forged the remains of their world into Patchworld.[4]

The Zn'rx seen so far are all children and subjects of Queen Maraud. It's unknown if there are any other queens or clans like in the Earth-616 continuity. All Zn'rx are indoctrinated from a young age to have an undying loyalty for their queen and to hate all other races.[5] One of the primary weaknesses of the species is their total lack of imagination; they cannot come up with ideas of their own and thus steal or copy all their technology from other species. Even their ship looks like it was put together from different parts of various other ships.[5]. This same lack of imagination also rendered them unable to learn from the mistake that cost them their planet. As such, they kept seeking ways to recreate the Annihilator.[4] For this purpose, they abducted Dr. James Power and his wife, but they were stopped when Dr. Powers' four kids received superpowers from the Kymellian Aelfyre Whitemane and intervered. In the process, Power Pack also managed to turn Maraud into a pacifist by erasing her memory and then using the same indoctrination method used to teach young Zn'rx to make her believe all Zn'rx are peacefull.[6] This apparantly stopped the threat of the Zn'rx, however some time later it was revealed at least some Zn'rx were still at large.[7]


In this reality, the Zn'rx abandoned their attempts to capture Power Pack or attack Earth at some point after their first defeat at the hands of the young heroes. That changes however when years later, Julie accidentally contacts them, renewing their interest in Earth. To fight off the threat, Julie reunites her siblings, who have all gone their seperate ways, to once more become Power Pack.[8]

Powers and Abilities


No unique powers


None known.

Average Strength level



None known.


Type of Government: Empire. Succession determined by civil war between the many princes, descendants of the previous emperor.
Cultural Traits: War-like. They conquer and take what they want.
Representatives: Bhadsha, Hadj, Jakal, Maraud, Ankar, Awf, Destrak, Gelk, Grung, Jenteel, Padj, Repra, Rungar, Sgrod, Sobak, Snapf, Snark-7, Zwrk, Scanner, Skratt (Earth-5631 only)


In Earth-9047, the counterpart of the Zn'rx are the Snarfs.


The current emperor is favorable to diplomatic relations with both humans and Kymellians but Maraud still wants to usurp the throne and she hates both humans and kymellians because they saved the emperor from her poisons.

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