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Fu Manchu was a criminal mastermind and leader of the Si-Fan. For years, he was opposed by Denis Nayland Smith and later his own son, Shang-Chi.

Seeking alliance with Black Panther

As the Black Panther was touring in the United States, looking for a wife, Fu Manchu had him followed by his ninjas to Luke Cage's flat.[3] Those attacked the two heroes but were forced to retreat, allowing the pair to infiltrate their ship and then Fu Manchu's Fortress.[2]

Going now by the name of "Han", he offered his daughter Kwai Far to T'Challa, hoping to unite their kingdoms. But as the Panther refused the offer, feeling he was bound to someone else, Han got mad, rejecting his daughter and unleashing his ninjas over the two heroes, soon rejoined by his son Shang-Chi. Cage, T'Challa and Shang-Shi managed to defeat the ninjas and dodge the Dragon, and all left the fortress along with Kwai Far.[2]

Shadow Council

Aloysius Thorndrake of the Shadow Council had somehow partially resurrected Zheng Zu as the Shadow Council agents were digging for the Eyes of the Dragon. Max Fury (a rogue Life-Model Decoy of Nick Fury) then reported to Aloysius that they had found the Eyes of the Dragon. Aloysius and Max then moved on to the next part of the plan that involved capturing Shang-Chi and using him to restore Zheng Zu to life. The Prince of Orphans and Valkyrie arrived at Zheng Zu's grave where they found a few Shadow Council agents on guard. They defeated the agents and took one of them prisoner. Meanwhile, Max Fury informed Aloysius Thorndrake about the two unfortunate mishaps. Zheng Zu was not pleased for there was only two days left to complete the ritual needed to restore himself to life.

Aloysius promised to Zheng Zu that Max Fury and John Steele would handle this. Zheng Zu prepared the ritual that would enable him to use Shang-Chi's life-force to resurrect himself. Disguised as a Shadow Council agent, Moon Knight gave the signal and the Secret Avengers dropped in on the Shadow Council. Captain Steve Rogers fought Max Fury while Valkyrie fought John Steele. Prince of Orphans disrupted the ritual causing Zheng Zu to turn to stone which Prince of Orphans shattered.[4]


Genius-Level Intellect Unarmed Combat Master of Disguise


Elixir of Life

Fu Manchu was originally created by British pulp novelist Sax Rohmer (real name Arthur Sarsfield Ward) and was the eponymous antagonist in several novels and anthologies published between 1913 and 1917. Fu Manchu's greatest adversaries were Sir Denis Nayland Smith and Doctor Petrie (also creations of Sax Rohmer). Fu's infamous son, Shang-Chi, is a character unique to the Marvel Universe, and has no pulp era counterpart. As Marvel Comics Entertainment no longer maintains the license to use Fu Manchu as a character, he is seldom referenced in comics, but does occasionally appear under an assumed name. The Marvel Comics version of Fu Manchu was first developed by Roy Thomas and Steve Englehart.

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