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Not much is known about the past of the man called Zerhu. In 1945 he took leadership of a religious order called the Zurashnu that worshiped the goddess Vurashnu. He had claimed that he was Vurashnu's son and convinced his followers to turn over their valuables to Vurashnu as a sacrificial offering. Unknown to his followers, Zerhu took the possessions for his own material wealth. When one of their members refused to give up his valuables, Zerhu had him killed and when his daughter rebelled he sent his people to eliminate her as well.

Their attempt to kill the girl was interrupted by the Angel who managed to convince Zerhu to let the girl go. Learning of the goings on within the group, the Angel agreed to help the woman expose Zerhu as a fraud. They were captured by Zehru and his men to be tortured, but both managed to break free. Being chased to the shrine to Vurashnu, the Angel kept the followers at bay until the woman found the stash of stolen jewels and valuables. Showing them to her fellow believers convinced them of Zehru's double crossing and his former followers then killed him in retribution in such a way it even unnerved the Angel.

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