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Zelma Stanton was a librarian from Bronx whose head had been infected by Mind Maggots that formed some kind of growth in her head.[1] After what she initially believed to be a rash grew teeth and eyes, Zelma tried to go to the hospital, but accidentally freaked out the staff. A friend of her suggested her to seek help from Doctor Strange.

When Zelma visited Strange's Sanctum Sanctorum, Strange noticed he had never seen something like Zelma's condition. He cast as spell in an attempt to expurgate whatever poked out from her head, but that caused countless of Mind Maggots to come out from it.[2]

The Mind Maggots quickly ran around the mansion and Doctor Strange made Zelma accompany him to find them. They were separated after reaching the library, and Zelma wandered the mansion until she came across Strange's housekeeper Wong in the kitchen. Wong guided Zelma back to the library, where Strange had remained to research the creatures that had infected her, and determined they were Mind Maggots. The creatures were linked to Zelma, so in order to trap them, Strange convinced her to shout her deepest secrets to lure them. When the creatures came running, Strange got in their way and absorbed them, curing Zelma completely. As she was leaving, Strange offered Zelma a job as his librarian, which she accepted.[1]

  • Some of Zelma's deepest secrets include:
    • Having cheated in her driver's exam.
    • Thinking her niece is ugly.
    • Hating her mother's meatloaf, for which she claimed to her she was vegetarian.
    • Having voted for J. Jonah Jameson for mayor.
    • Pretending to cry at funerals.
    • Hating dogs.
    • Dreaming about seeing the world but some days being afraid to leave her house.[1]

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