The criminal known as Zeelmo was the leader of a criminal gang seeking to steal the entire world’s supply of gold during the 1940s. To this end, they hoped to push the world into a second depression by throwing the economy into disarray in order to take control of the world.

Their plan was well under way when the hero known as the Red Raven began living among normal humans. Witnessing the Red Raven fight off a man in an employment line, Zeelmo would attempt to recruit him into his criminal empire.

The Red Raven was brought to Zeelmo, who would make him the offer to join. However, the altruistic hero refused and attacked Zeelmo. Zeelmo had the Raven and a woman named Andreya dumped into a pit and exposed to a gas that would cause them to rapidly age.

Fortunately, the Red Raven would escape, freeing Andreya as well. The Raven then knocked Zeelmo into the pit and flee the scene as the gasses would come to an open flame, causing a massive explosion that killed Zeelmo and his minions. [1]


Zeelmo used a gas that would cause those exposed to it to rapidly age until they would expire from old age.

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