Zawadi, which meant "precious gift" in Swahili, was a warrior of Wakanda, the land of the Black Panther. Zawadi was known to her people as a wild and free spirit. At some point in her life she ate the sacred heart-shaped herbs which only the Panther is supposed to eat, and these gave her great strength and endurance.[1]

She was in Wakanda when she encountered Ulysses Bloodstone facing off against a Tyrannosaurus Rex. Zawadi helped Bloodstone kill the T. Rex and then accompanied him back to New York City, where she and Bloodstone teamed up with Doctor Druid and Makkari to form the Monster Hunters. [1]

The Monster Hunters were active during the 1950s and fought against Kro of the Deviants as well as a a variety of monsters.[2] On another occasion Zawadi and the Monster Hunters teamed up with the First Line. [3]


Zawadi ate the Wakandan heart-shaped herb that grants superhumanly acute senses and increases strength, speed, stamina and agility to the peak of human development.


Zawadi is a skilled hunter and hand-to-hand combatant. She is also very good with a spear.


Knife and spear.

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