Not much is known about the Zarkons, aliens from the planet Zarko. They are an advanced society that apparently abolished war and lived in peace. They ruled by an Elder Council headed by a great leader. They discovered the planet Earth around the 1940s and determined that it was a world of strife, war and crime and decided to do something about it.

In 1948, Brfsk, the leader of Zarko ordered his minion Zzzsk to travel to Earth and collect a man and a woman to bring back to their planet for further evaluation. Arriving on Earth, Zzzsk allowed criminal Peanuts McCoy and the heroine Sun Girl to board his ship and brought them to planet Zarko. There they were brought before their leader, who offered Sun Girl the key to peace to bring back to her planet. Sun Girl accepted the offer but when Peanuts McCoy attempted to escape she fought him. This convinced Brfsk that Earth was beyond help and ordered Zzzsk to return the humans to Earth. Dousing them with gas, Zzzsk did just that, and to date there have been no further interactions between the Zarko and the planet Earth.[1]


Habitat: Presumably Earthlike
Gravity: Presumably Earthlike
Atmosphere: Presumably Earthlike


Type of Government: Monarchy and a ruling council.
Level of Technology: The Zarkons have advanced technology, the scope of which is not fully understood. They have rocket ships that can travel between Zarko and the planet Earth. As Sun Girl and Peanuts McCoy were gone from Earth for an entire month during their experience on Zarko, presumably it is able to span the distance between the two planets in about two weeks time. The Zarkons are able to examine other worlds with their Solar Scope, a hight power telescope. A planet of peace, they appear to have abolished weaponry, but utilize sleeping gas to subdue those who would cause trouble.
Cultural Traits: Pacifist
Representatives: Zzzsk, Brfsk

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