By his own accounts Zanoba is 12,000 years old. Some time ago he had stumbled through the dimensional portal between Earth and another dimension. Finding the place a timeless realm where nobody aged, Zanoba would also learn that the portal was only one-way and he could not return to Earth. Setting into the City of the Mirage, he would ply his mastery of science to come up with many scientific advances to assist the growing population of exiles.

In 1945, Breeze Barton would also become trapped in that dimension as well and would deduce that magnetism would likely allow for escape from this dimension. This would make Zanoba a target of Mubahn leader of the Demon People who sought to extract the information needed from Zanoba's mind and use it to invade Earth.

Barton would lead an army in invading the Demon City and slay Mubahn, freeing Zanoba in the process. With Zanoba's aid, Breeze Barton would build a device to free himself from that dimension and return home. [1]



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