Lord Zano was the son of Ugarth, and was intended by him to one day become Xarta's supreme warlord. On his first mission, he accompanied his father to Earth to witness its invasion by their people. When Thor confronted the Xartans, Zano fought him, becoming an ice giant and a gladiator, only to fail. After Thor had hurled Ugarth into space, Zano was forced by Thor to become a tree with his fellow Xartans.[1]

Zano (Xartan) (Earth-616) and Ugarth (Xartan) (Earth-616) from Journey into Mystery Vol 1 90 0001

Eventually escaping this imprisonment, he led his fellow Xartans to assume the forms and powers of the Avengers as part of a scheme of revenge against Thor, but was distracted when he saw Ship, the headquarters of X-Factor. He led his men in an invasion of Ship, assuming the form of an "ironian juggernaut," but they were defeated by X-Factor and their protégés, and Ship placed Zano and his men into a stasis field.


Like all Xartans, Zano has the ability to change his shape and take on the appearance and abilities of other people and even inanimate objects.

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