Zamu came to Earth disguised as a human, and became famous as a magician. Zamu intended to use this fame to become a governor, using his fame to capture votes. Zamu's activities attracted the attention of Doctor Droom, who quickly determined that Zamu was no magician. He spied upon Zamu and used ventriloquism to startle Zamu. Zamu took out a pistol but Dr. Druid appeared suddenly before him, and used hypnosis to take control of his mind. He then had Zamu confess his plot to use his influence as governor to pave the way for an invasion to the police, who took him into custody. [1]


Zamu possessed superior technology, including strange magnets used to levitate an audience to fool them into thinking he was a magician and a human-form disguise.


Zamu had a gun that shot infra-rays to locate enemies and delta rays to disintegrate enemies.

"Doctor Droom Meets Zamu!" was reprinted in Weird Wonder Tales #20where it was retconned that Doctor Droom was Dr Druid, Zemu became Zamu and he was from R'Zahn rather than Saturn.

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