Zakka was a Deviant and a scientific inventor. He set himself up with an apartment in New York City where he labored intensely on his two most prized inventions: the Dimension Harness and the Time Projector. With the Time Projector, he was able to literally open up a window into the timestream and pluck people from Earth's past, bringing them into the present. He used this device to snatch a caveman, a Viking, an army of Hun warriors and even Jack the Ripper. He sent these time-lost warriors out into the world to wreak havoc in the city. This soon drew the attention of the Eternals who came to New York to stop Zakka's mad experiments. Realizing that he could never hope to evade capture from the likes of Thena, Karkas and Ransak the Reject, Zakka used his Time Projector to summon a mighty warrior of Deviant folklore - Tutinax, the Mountain Mover. Tutinax was not exactly grateful to Zakka for bringing him out of the past and brutally murdered him inside of his own apartment. In doing so, he destroyed the Time Projector as well, and when its effect wore off, Tutinax was returned to his native timeline.[1]


Zakka was a master inventor whose mechanical expertise was many generations beyond that of normal human science.


Dimension Harness; Time Projector

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