Born to the Kree scientist Sim-Del and an unnamed mother, the Kree child that would become Wraith led a tragic childhood. After his father invented an easy and cheap power source, his work was banned by the merchant class of the Kree. Not wishing to be further deterred in his research, Sim-Del took his family to a planet in the Bennazar Rift, where he used his power source to turn the barren planet into a paradise for his family. They lived there for a time until a Kree death squad, led by an unidentified man bearing a signet ring, slaughtered Sim-Del and his wife. Their son, meanwhile, was taken by the robot servants and launched into space aboard a protective capsule in order to escape the death squads. [citation needed]

Drifting in space, he was eventually sucked into a wormhole, emerging in the Exoteric Latitude, "the Space of the Nameless." The Nameless were a race of Kree who had, throughout the millennia, also found themselves sucked into this realm. There, their minor wounds had been infected by a race of parasites called the Exolon, who "fed on the immortal souls of living beings." Finding this young boy in their midst, the Nameless plunged a knife into his chest, an opening that the Exolon then exploited, turning the boy into one of the Nameless. The bonding with the Exolon gained him enhanced strength, the ability to heal from any injury, immortality, and the ability to summon the Exolon that made up the black covering of his skin to swarm. In return, the Exolon that he could control had absorbed his soul. [citation needed]

The "estrangement" from their souls drove the Nameless mad, causing them to inflict pain upon themselves. These acts become the only things that allow them to remember who they were. The boy that would become the entity Wraith held onto the murder of his parents, using it to motivate him beyond merely being another one of the Nameless. Eventually he found the leader of the Nameless, and killed him, taking his weapons and ship for himself and leaving the Exoteric Latitude. [citation needed]

Annihilation: Conquest Activities

His quest for vengeance led him back to the Kree galaxy where he ran into the Phalanx invasion. Taken aboard one of their ships, he did something that has never been done before...he made the Phalanx afraid. The Phalanx then attempted to capture him for study, but he fought them off, eventually escaping their custody. [citation needed]

Arriving in the city of Haroun four days later, he surveyed the plight of the Kree citizens, eventually snagging a random citizen and learning of the invasion's full stretch. The man convinced him to seek out the Resistance. Meeting their leader, Ra-Venn, he asked her if she knew the man he sought. She offered to tell him the man's name for his assistance against the Phalanx, but before he could answer, the Phalanx attacked the Resistance's headquarters. Buying the Resistance time to escape, Wraith was captured and brought to the Straits of Mirador.[citation needed]

Thrown into a cell in Mirador, he was confronted by former Kree emperor, Ronan the Accuser, who had been turned into one of the Phalanx's Selects. Also meeting the Super-Skrull there, another entity the Phalanx were attempting to turn into a Select, the man learned more about the Phalanx. Ronan was eventually instructed to break the will of the nameless man. Even after a severe beating, the man refused to speak. Growing enraged, Ronan threw the man over a balcony where he was impaled upon a giant spike. Ripping himself free, the man summoned the Exolon to heal him. Ronan was stunned by this, and referred to the man as "a ghost...a wraith." Hearing this word, the man decided to take Wraith as his name and told Ronan of his origin. Angry over not being able to break him, Ronan equipped the newly-dubbed Wraith with a device that would make him into a Select. [citation needed]

Left to be assimilated, a vision of his father awoke Wraith and reminded him of his purpose, to seek vengeance for his dead parents. Wreaking havoc on the Phalanx and freeing the Super-Skrull and Praxagora, Wraith escaped to find the rebel Ra-Venn. Ra-Venn then convinced Wraith that in order to find the man he sought, he'd first need to help them defeat the Phalanx.[citation needed]


  • Enhanced Strength
  • Immense Regenerative Capabilities: An example of Wraith's immense regenerative capabilities is that Wraith was once impaled upon a giant spike, and merely ripped himself free, growing the lost flesh back instantly.
  • Summoning of Exolon Plasmoids: The Exolon parasites cover Wraith's body in a black membrane, enabling regenerative healing, unspecified enhanced strength and immortality; it also prevents scanners from identifying him as a life-form. It is unclear if they help him survive in space. Wraith can cause the Exolon to swarm (controlling them from miles away) and use "the sight of an exposed soul" to strike deadly fear into his opponents, coat up to 15,000 giant objects at once to protect them from being hacked by techno-organic beings like the Phalanx and absorb energy blasts and the souls of other beings. If he is rendered unconscious, the swarm disperses.


Pain Threshold: Wraith can withstand immense amounts of pain, and demonstrates this by not screaming or making any form of negative reaction to pain itself. The most likest reason for his unnaturally high tolerance to pain could have derived from the nature of the Nameless' rituals of inflicting pain on themselves.


Sanity: It is possible that the "estrangement" of his soul during the bonding with the Exolon, could have driven him mad just like it had with the Nameless.


Uses an ancient kree ship styled like a giant motorcycle with laser cannons


Uses a Shape-shifting gun that can form itself into a whip, a gun, a small blade, and other things. It's said to intuitively respond to the wielder's needs, and can also apparently disable others' weapons by some unknown mechanism.

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