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Zachary Williams was a mutant with the abililty to create structures out of energy fields, including ramps, spheres, and pillars. As Projector, he was a member of the Acolytes, the fanatical followers of Magneto. He was first seen with the group while Exodus was hunting the High Evolutionary for "blasphemous" genetic experiments.[1]

After Exodus was removed from power, Projector chose to side with Fabian Cortez instead of the Acolytes who remained loyal to the returning Magneto.[2] He later appeared among this group when they attacked Magneto's Genosha.[3] Sixteen million mutants died the day Cassandra Nova's Sentinels destroyed Genosha, but Projector survived.

Following M-Day, he was among the few mutants who retained his mutant powers. He continued to work with the Acolytes.[4]


Energy Projection: Projector could generate an unknown energy force allowing him to form solid energy constructs and force-fields around himself or others, shaping them into simple forms like ramps, spheres, and pillars.


His fields appear to behave as physical constructs and are not indestructible as Wolverine was able to cut through the 'pillers'.

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