Once Russia’s greatest scientist, his experiments with Gamma radiation reduced his body to that of an ugly grey dwarf. Hoping to cure himself, he sided with The Leader, believing that once he captured Bruce Banner, he would learn why Banner is able to turn back into a normal looking human.

Although he couldn’t stand The Leader’s arrogance, he stayed with him until he was banished from Leader’s lab. Gargoyle did once become the dominant member when The Leader temporarily lost his powers. Whilst away from The Leader, he attempted to cure himself, setting up in a salt mine to ensure the purity of his experiments. However insects got into the waste by products of his research, which later infected the salt mine workers with a gamma virus that was spreading throughout Detroit. The virus itself was indeed curing him and returning him to his human form, but the more human he became the more he was afflicted with the virus's fatal properties. He and Banner worked together on a cure, Gargoyle selflessly handed over to Betty Ross, wishing to save her life instead of curing his own mutation. Instead returning himself to his Gargoyle appearance to save his life and letting her have the antidote.

He continued to hound Banner hoping for a cure, but found his attentions distracted by She Hulk, who he fell for, despite her loathing every fiber of his being.


Seemingly those of Yuri Topolov (Earth-616)#Powers

  • Voiced by Mark Hamill, who also voiced Hobgoblin on Spider-Man: The Animated Series.
  • Unlike his comic book counterpart, this Gargoyle has grey skin and serves as a recurring antagonist, instead off dying, in his first appearance.

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