Yuri Medvedev[1] was a secret agent of the Soviet Union, groomed since birth to be an assassin for the K.G.B.. He chose to operated as a costumed assassin employing religious-themed weaponry, called the Confessor.[2]

Cold War

During the Cold War, the Yuri assassinated a communist defector in Venice. Maverick however attacked him, the Yuri broke his arm and knocked him from a church tower with exploding rosary beads stating "I will absolve you of all your sins".[3]

Many years later he was hired by Ivan the Terrible to break his hitman, Sickle, out of the Ice Box, the Canadian government's maximum security prison located in the Northwest Territories. Yuri arrived at the installation by snowmobile, killing guards and gaining entry. After creating a diversion using some of his exploding beads, he made his way through the air ducts to the cell Sickle was being held in. Yuri led Sickle on a hasty exit from the compound, killing more guards on their way out. After delivering Sickle to Ivanin Moscow, Yuri was given a new assignment to apprehend Maverick.[2]

While Maverick was visiting an old acquaintance, Jean Luc Vivant, in Paris, Yuri left a card in Maverick's hotel room, beckoning him to meet at the remains of the Berlin Wall at St. Augustine's Church in Berlin. There, Yuri attacked Maverick, hitting him with a poisoned crossbow bolt and wrapping him up with bolas containing mutant power inhibitors. Maverick was able to escape and go on the offensive, before the poison spread through his system, and Yuri defeated him. As Yuri was knocking the mutant unconscious, he dropped hints about Maverick's past, claiming that Maverick's parents were Nazis and that they were killed for this after World War II.[4] Yuri delivered Maverick to Ivan the Terrible and, contract completed, departed.[5]

Quasimodo researched the Confessor for Norman Osborn.[1]


Expert marksman and hand-to-hand combatant.

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