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Yu Huang has attended several meetings of the Council of Godheads. A few instances known are attending to discuss the threat of the Celestials in 1000 A. D. He later gave a portion of life-energy to restore the Asgardians to life following their deaths in battle with the Celestials.[1]

He attended a meeting of skyfathers to determine whether Thor was worthy to succeeded Odin and voiced concern about Thor's actions on Earth.[2]

Power Grid [3]
Energy Projection
Fighting Skills
* Stats augmented by magical energies


Yu-Huang is one of the most powerful Chinese gods. Yu Huang can manipulate massive amounts of cosmic and magical energy for nearly any purpose. He can create energy shields, force blasts, and travel between dimensions among numerous other uses. As a god he is virtually immortal. He does not age and cannot die from mortal poisons, disease, or other common forms of injury. If he is injured he will heal superhumanly fast. He often channels his powers through a Chinese sword known as a jian.

It is unknown how his energy powers compare to other gods like Odin or Zeus.


Yu Huang has great knowledge of Eastern history, philosophy and magical lore, especially of Chinese origin. He has memorized the preaching of Confucius, Buddha and other Eastern sages and often dispenses wisdom and knowledge to those willing to ask for it.

Strength level

Yu Huang possesses superhuman strength to lift (press) 50 tons under optimal conditions, although in his youth, his strength was significantly greater, possibly in the Class 75 range.


A Chinese sword known as a jian to channel his powers.

Traditionally, the Jade Emperor Yu Huang is depicted wearing an emperor's robes. In the Marvel Universe, he has always been depicted in armor.

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