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Young Avengers Presents Vol 1 5


Young Avengers Presents Vol 1 5

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Quote1 I did the best I could. And I'm through apologizing for who and what I am. Quote2
-- Stature

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Synopsis for "Stature"Edit

The Young Avengers find Cassie shrinking, lying in the fetal position, and uncommunicative. The team is worried that she will eventually shrink herself out of existence, so Billy shrinks Eli down to her level to talk to her.

Cassie confesses that she thinks she may have killed someone and proceeds to tell Eli the story of her morning. That day would have been the anniversary of her mother and father and, as a result, Cassie was in a brooding mood. When her stepfather suggests that the family go out to his uncle's cabin in Connecticut, Cassie replies with a snarky comment and the two get into an argument which ends when Cassie uses her powers to grow.

After she left the house, Cassie encountered the Growing Man who was already several stories tall. Cassie subdues him, but he lands on her stepfather, seriously injuring him. At the hospital, both her mother and Burdick's fellow police officers blame Cassie for his injuries, prompting her to leave, leading to the current scene.

Cassie continues to shrink until Eli practices a little tough love and tries to make Cassie mad until she begins growing again. He tells her that she's right, it is her fault, that she's selfish and doesn't have what it takes. This has the desired effect, causing Cassie to resume growing until she reaches her usual size. Cassie then calls her mother who tells her that her stepfather is supposed to pull through. They both then apologize to each other and reconcile, promising that their relationship will be better in the future.

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