The past history of Yon-Rogg of Earth-9997 mirrors that of his Earth-616 counterpart. However, at least on Earth-9997, Yon-Rogg's mind was absorbed into the Supreme Intelligence, along with the minds of every Kree that was killed. When Mar-Vell learned that this was the reason why he was the only Kree in the Realm of the Dead, Mar-Vell killed the Supreme Intelligence. Yon-Rogg's soul was transported to the Realm of the Dead, where he passed word through Una that he agreed to assist Mar-Vell in his quest to kill Death. Although he was never seen, it is presumable that he was involved in the battle against Death, and later took part in the failed Kree invasion of Paradise.


Seemingly those of Yon-Rogg of Earth-616.

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