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Yon-Rogg was the commander of the Helion, a Kree space ship sent to Earth on a mission by the Supreme Intelligence. Yon-Rogg felt a deep hatred for Mar-Vell and actively tried to get him killed on their mission to Earth. Also, he was deeply jealous of the relationship between Mar-Vell and the medic Una.[1]

When Ronan the Accuser ordered Mar-Vell executed, Yon-Rogg was only too happy to comply. However, when Mar-Vell was before the firing squad, they were attacked by a contingent of Aakon warriors. In the melee, Una was fatally wounded by a stray shot by an Aakon. Mar-Vell escaped on an Earth missile and laid Una's corpse to rest on an asteroid. Yon-Rogg seized Mar-Vell's missile with a tractor beam and hurled it into hyperspace.[2]

Mar-Vell returned with new powers and a new costume. Yon-Rogg then kidnapped Carol Danvers as a hostage to use against him. Yon-Rogg was defeated by Mar-Vell, and died when a nearby Kree device exploded. In the course of this battle Danvers was irradiated by a Kree Psyche-magnetron, causing her to develop a half-Kree physiology which was similar to Mar-Vell's.[3]

  • Ronan and Zarek arranged for Mar-Vell to work under Yon-Rogg as part of a plan to topple the Supreme Intelligence so Ronan and Zarek could replace the Supreme Intelligence as rulers of the Kree empire.[4]

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