Early Life

Yon-Rogg is a Kree hailing from the planet Hala in the Large Magellanic Cloud. He is a Colonel in the Imperial Kree Army which protect the interests of the galactic Kree Empire.[1]

Mission to the Brood Galaxy

Yon-Rogg was second in command of the Pama undeer the command of Zen-Pram. They were sent on a mission to find famous Kree military hero Devros who disappeared into the deadly Brood galaxy. On the mission he is teamed up with a young, idealistic soldier named Mar-Vell. Yon-Rogg's jealous of Mar-Vell began on the mission when Una the ships medic had an instant crush on Mar-Vell. The mission lead them into conflict with both the Skrulls and theShi'ar.[2] He helped Mar-Vell battle Deathbird and the Imperial Guard.[3] They sent Mar-Vell down to the planet and find the Devros had been captured an turned into a Brood and Mar-Vell killed him and escaped from the world. Yon-Rogg was then given his own command over the Kree Ship; Helion.[4]

Mission to Earth

Yon-Rogg was send on a mission to the backwater planet called Earth by the Supreme Intelligence. They were sent to investigate how the primitive natives had taken down a Kree Sentry. When they arrived at Earth; Yon-Rogg sent Mar-Vell on the lone mission to the planet with hopes he would die whilst on the primitive planet.[5]

Yon-Rogg's annoyance with Mar-Vell grew hatred for Mar-Vell and actively tried to get him killed on their mission to Earth. Also, he was deeply jealous of the relationship between Mar-Vell and the medic Una.[6]

Yon-Rogg , managed to get access to the Sentry and reactivated it.He hoped the Sentry would fight and destroy Mar-Vell, but he failed.[7] With that failure he hoped a battle with the Super-Skrull would do the job for him and he could return home.[8]

When Ronan the Accuser ordered Mar-Vell executed, Yon-Rogg was only too happy to comply.[9] However, when Mar-Vell was before the firing squad, they were attacked by a contingent of Aakon warriors. In the melee, Una was fatally wounded by a stray shot by an Aakon. Mar-Vell escaped on an Earth missile and laid Una's corpse to rest on an asteroid. Yon-Rogg seized Mar-Vell's missile with a tractor beam and hurled it into hyperspace.[10]

Yon-Rogg confronted Mar-Vell aboard the Kree Ship when it was restocking.[11]It was later revealed that Ronan and Zarek arranged for Mar-Vell to work under Yon-Rogg as part of a plan to topple the Supreme Intelligence so Ronan and Zarek could replace the Supreme Intelligence as rulers of the Kree Empire.[12]

Yon-Rogg battled a young human; Rick Jones who used the Mar-Vell's Nega-Bands to defeat the Kree commander.[13] Yon-Rogg then kidnapped Carol Danvers as a hostage to use against him. Yon-Rogg was defeated by Mar-Vell, and died when a nearby Kree device exploded. In the course of this battle Danvers was irradiated by a Kree Psyche-Magnitron, causing her to develop a half-Kree physiology which was similar to Mar-Vell's.[14]


However Yon-Rogg survived the Psyche-Magnitron explosion gaining enhanced powers similar to Carol Danvers. He tries to regain favor with the empire by stealing back the device Psyche-Magnitron but they declined his offer. Now known as "Magnitron" and used Carol's memories to torture her using enemies from her past. He then attempted to drop a Kree city on top of New York. Carol however disconnected telepathic link but this caused the lesion in her head to burst, causing to lose all her memories. [15][16]

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