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Origin and early years

Ydrazil was a member of the Neyaphem who was along Azazel during the conflict with the Cheyarafim, and was cast out in the Brimstone Dimension along with him.

Modern days

Centuries later, he was among the Neyaphem to return on Earth, thanks to a ritual performed by Azazel's spawn, including Nightcrawler, Abyss and Kiwi Black.[1]

The X-Men were able to perturb the ritual, sending them all back to the Brimstone Dimension[2] where the two group faced each other. Ydrazil soon spotted Angel, thinking of him as a Cheyarafim, while Azazel insisted on the fact he wasn't one. As Warren tried to heal Kurt's wounds with his healing blood and burned him, Jillian started a brawl, quickly escalating despite Azazel's protest[3] who had eventually to unleash his powers in order to stop the confusion.[4]

Ydrazil kept on protesting on the fact that "the Angel" was still living, but Azazel conveyed him, an archaeologist, Wolverine, Abyss, Kiwi Black and Mystique (who had escaped Abyss' powers dimension). As Warren rebelled, worried about Husk's fate, Ydrazil knocked him out.[4]

As Azazel revealed his alternative identity as Satan, the archaeologist shouted at him, and both Ydrazil and Ophis rushed to kill him, Ydrazil exploding his skull[4] and stucking his axe in his ribs, much to Azazel's annoyance (as she wished to interrogate him).[5]

As Warren refused to tell Azazel about his lineage, he was given to torture to Ydrazil.[5]

While torturing Angel, was decapitated by Kiwi Black.[6]


Enhanced strength, agility, and reflexes, feathered wings allowing him to fly.[3]

Strength level



He can fly using his wings.[3] Azazel, Ydrazil and their kind used the sons of Azazel, including Nightcrawler and Abyss, to perform a massive teleportation ritual.[1]


He used a perfectly balanced sword-shaped axe.[5]

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