Yama was a member of the Devas, an extra-dimensional race of beings worshipped as gods by the people of Ancient India. Yama was the old Vedic god of the dead in Ancient India, but he lost the right to claim the spirits of the dead after Hinduism supplanted worship of the Vedic gods.[1]

Interested in claiming in new souls, he bartered a plot with other gods of the dead such as Pluto, Seth, Eriskegal and others from other pantheons to unite their realms, but the plot only served to unleash the primeval entity known as Demogorge. No match for the powerful Elder god, Yama was quickly consumed by it, and Thor from Asgard led a retinue of warrior gods from several pantheons against it. No match for the beast, Thor appealed to Atum, the buried consciousness within Demogorge and reversed its palate, freeing all the consumed gods within it.[2]

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