Xxan Xxar is a survivor of the Xixix, a race of aliens whose home world was destroyed by Galactus. He was part of a Galactic Council who held Mister Fantastic of the Fantastic Four responsible for the destruction of the Skrull homeworld of Tarnax IV at the hands of Galactus, [1] due to the fact that Richards had previously saved the life of Galactus. [2] As such, Xxan and the rest of the council kidnapped Richards from Earth to execute him for his perceived crimes. [1] When the rest of the Fantastic Four, the Invisible Girl, the Thing, and the Human Torch were brought to the Council by the Watcher, Xxan brought them to their leader. The Fantastic Four broke Reed free and convinced Xxan and the others to put on a proper trial. Although Reed managed to convince Xxan and the other councilors that he spared Galactus out of compassion, the entire tribunal was swayed to put on an even bigger trial thanks to the arrival of Shi'ar Magistrix Lilandra. [3] Xxan Xxar was present during the ensuing trial, which saw Galactus called upon to testify on Richards behalf. Xxan Xxar attempted to kill Galactus to avenge his people, but eventually bowed down to the pressure of attacking such an immense foe. Thanks to the testimonies provided by Odin, Galactus and Eternity, Richards was found innocent and returned home. [4] The subsequent fate of Xxan Xxar is unknown.


Xxan Xxar possessed a small weapon that he believed had the capability of killing Galactus. He believed that the weapon will operate by firing a single pellet that would cause a chain reaction who could consume Galactus' armor, thereby unleashing his energy.[4]

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