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During the Korean War, Chinese officials used an effigy of a Xian god known as Shang-Ti to maintain the obedience of their troops. Angry that his image was being used for these ends, Shang-Ti came to Earth and decimated the Chinese officials involved in this plot before the startled eyes of American soldiers Battle Brady and Socko Swenski[2].

Powers and Abilities


The Xian all have some potential to practice magic, mostly but not limited to, changing their appearances, transforming matter and wielding cosmic, elemental and paranormal energies.


The Chinese gods are extremely long-lived but not immortal like the Olympians; they tend to age at an extremely slow rate upon reaching adulthood. They are three times denser than normal human beings.

Average Strength level

The Average Chinese god can lift (press) about 30 tons under optimal conditions; the average Chinese goddess can lift (press) 25 tons under optimal conditions.


None known.


Habitat: Earth-like
Gravity: Normal
Atmosphere: Normal


Type of Government: Imperial
Level of Technology: Magic
Cultural Traits: The Xian were worshipped as gods by the Ancient Chinese including inhabitants from modern regions of Korea, Indochina, Tibet and Mongolia.
Representatives: Yu Huang, Xi Wangmu, Shou-Hsing, Feng Po-Po, Guan Yin, Guan Yu, Kui Xing, Lei Gong, Nezha, Qi-Yu, Tian-Mu, Yen-Lo Wang, Yuanshi Tianzun, Zhu Rong, Sun Wukong, Shang-Ti.


  • It is possible that the inhabitants of K'un-L'un may have impersonated or have been confused with the Chinese gods in the past. Several denizens of K'un-L'un have names in common with the Chinese gods.


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