Froh was actually an extraterrestrial who, along with three other travelers, crash-landed on the planet Earth during the 1940s. Froh and his crew were discovered by the cybernetic Nazi scientist Werner Schmidt, aka "Brain Drain". Schmidt named each of the travelers after Teutonic gods, and as such named this alien Froh after the God of Lightning. Brain Drain controlled the Ring of the Nebulas and as such, manipulated Froh and the others into fighting the Invaders. Loga pitted his abilities against the team's teen matchstick, Toro. Once freed from Brain Drain's mind control, the aliens realized that they could never return to the stars. Unwilling to remain abandoned on the planet Earth, they decided to take their own lives, by diving into a pit of acid in Brain Drain's laboratory[1].


Froh appeared to possess enhanced strength, durability and reflexes. He also possessed the ability to generate and project bolts of lightning.

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