The planet Xanth, also known as Planet X, was destroyed in a collision by an asteroid. After the Fantastic Four were abducted by Kurrgo, Reed Richards helped the entire Xantha race escape by using Henry Pym’s shrinking gas. By shrinking the entire race to four inches, they were able to fit in the two starships that the Xantha had while Kurrgo was supposedly destroyed[2].

The Xantha later relocated to New Xanth by the time Kurrgo and his robot were planning to reclaim his rule over the Xantha.[3]


Habitat: 53% pf surface is covered by water with a temperate mountainous environment
Gravity: 96% Earth standard
Atmosphere: 76% nitrogen, 21% oxygen
Population: 5 billion


Type of Government: Worldwide Technocracy
Level of Technology: Highly Advanced
Cultural Traits: Intense dedication to science, Isolationism
Representatives: Kurrgo

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