Xande was a young mutant from Brazil who was encountered by Cable as the latter was headed to the beach in Rio de Janeiro one night. Xande's friends had thrown him out of their group for using his mutant gifts to gain an unfair advantage in their ball games, and in revenge, Xande telekinetically popped their ball. As the other kids descended on Xande to beat him up, Cable stunned them with his powers and recommended Xande leave the scene.

Xande was a big fan of the mutant underground gladiatorial circuit known as "The Arena," and he took Cable to a fight, where he witnessed one of the competitors, Thiago Piranha, killed by his opponent, Juliana Jararaca. Despite Xande's pleas not to intervene, Cable confronted Juliana, a confrontation that ended with Juliana and a good portion of the audience's minds being accidentally wiped and Xande, seemingly unfazed by all of this, leaving the building.[1]



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