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X-Men Vol 2 43


X-Men Vol 2 43

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Quote1 I'll be fine -- it's not like I haven't already 'died' while burning up in re-entry, right? Quote2
-- Phoenix

Appearing in "Falling From Grace"Edit

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Synopsis for "Falling From Grace"Edit

Voght tries to tell Xavier not to contact the station, saying its impossible. Jean and Scott have to fight the Acolytes as they think the X-Men are responsible. Exodus and Holocaust still fight, and Javitz dies. Colossus and Magneto escape to Earth. Jean escapes with Skids, and Cyclops convinces the other Acolytes to escape too. Unuscione uses her powers to survive the fall to Earth as there are no more escape pods left. Meanwhile, Exodus and Holocaust fight until the final destruction.

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