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X-Men Vol 2 42


X-Men Vol 2 42

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Quote1 You know my name? No man living knows my name. I thought you a messenger of deliverance -- but I now see that you are nothing but a blasphemer! Mark my words and remember that I am no X-Man, stranger. I serve proudly in the house and name -- of Magneto! Quote2
-- Exodus

Appearing in "Heaven Can Wait"Edit

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Synopsis for "Heaven Can Wait"Edit

After The Acolytes bring aboard Holocaust on Avalon, he starts to silently attack. After Milan dies, Rusty and Skids doubt being Acolytes without even knowing of it. Rusty is sent to look, and he is killed too. Holocaust, belieing he is still in his own reality, starts tearing Avalon apart and fighting Exodus. Voght makes a desperate telportation and accidentally teleports Jean Grey and Cyclops right in the middle of it all.

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