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Quote1 If this is what happened to her -- what-in-the-heck-are-Chicken-McNuggets going to do to me?! Quote2
-- Jubilee (while talking to Iceman about Illyana)

Appearing in "Waiting for the Ripening (A Skinning of Souls Pt. 1)"Edit

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:

  • Unnamed Russian citizens
  • Colonel-General Shatalov, Remont program
  • General Fyodr Sheltov, People's Protectorate
  • Unnamed Russian codenamed "Flagwatch #133"
  • Unnamed Japanese gang members
  • Stryfe (Dream)
  • Cable (Dream)



Synopsis for "Waiting for the Ripening (A Skinning of Souls Pt. 1)"Edit

[1] plot summary at

  • No special notes.

  • Originally priced at $1.25 US and $1.60 Canada.
  • Ads in this issue include : [inside front cover] Fleer Ultra, Chuck Rock, Wing Commander, [all on same page] Boys Town National Hotline; Dave's Comics; Draw Supercharacters; High School at home in spare time; Brad's Fun Shop; and Discount Dave's, T2: The Arcade Game, Score Select, Role-Playing Megaverse, Bullpen Bulletins, Entertainment This Month, Get 2 Free Issues Subscribe, [inside back cover] galoob, [back cover] squaresoft
  • Gambit tells Rogue two rules in this issue : 1.) Trust the people you care for. 2.) You're very vulnerable right now, so don't trust anyone.
  • After Sam says to Charles, "Sir, we just found out about the death of the Hellions and the White Queen's Coma." there is a referance to see Uncanny X-men #281.

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