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Modern-Age, X-Men Vol 2, X-Cutioner's Song, Tom DeFalco/Editor-in-Chief, Andy Kubert/Cover Artist, Mark Pennington/Cover Artist, Fabian Nicieza/Writer, Andy Kubert/Penciler, Mark Pennington/Inker, Joe Rosas/Colourist, Chris Eliopoulos/Letterer, Bob Harras/Editor, Samuel Guthrie (Earth-616)/Quotes, X-Men (Earth-616)/Appearances, Henry McCoy (Earth-616)/Appearances, Scott Summers (Earth-616)/Appearances, Remy LeBeau (Earth-616)/Appearances, Elizabeth Braddock (Earth-616)/Appearances, Rogue (Anna Marie) (Earth-616)/Appearances, James Howlett (Earth-616)/Appearances, Warren Worthington III (Earth-616)/Appearances, Lucas Bishop (Earth-1191)/Appearances, Piotr Rasputin (Earth-616)/Appearances, Robert Drake (Earth-616)/Appearances, Jean Grey (Earth-616)/Appearances, Ororo Munroe (Earth-616)/Appearances, Charles Xavier (Earth-616)/Appearances, X-Factor (Government) (Earth-616)/Appearances, Alexander Summers (Earth-616)/Appearances, Lorna Dane (Earth-616)/Appearances, Pietro Maximoff (Earth-616)/Appearances, Guido Carosella (Earth-616)/Appearances, X-Force (Earth-616)/Appearances, Samuel Guthrie (Earth-616)/Appearances, Tabitha Smith (Earth-616)/Appearances, Gaveedra Seven (Mojoverse)/Appearances, Nathan Summers (Earth-616)/Appearances, Moira Kinross (Earth-616)/Appearances, En Sabah Nur (Earth-616)/Appearances, Mutant Liberation Front (Earth-616)/Appearances, Stryfe (Earth-4935)/Appearances, Ambient-Energy Dampening Actualization Module Unit Zero (Earth-4935)/Appearances, Pantu Hurageb (Earth-616)/Appearances, Michael McCain (Earth-616)/Appearances, Russell Collins (Earth-616)/Appearances, Sally Blevins (Earth-616)/Appearances, Tamara Kurtz (Earth-616)/Appearances, Kristina Anderson (Earth-616)/Appearances, Christopher Anderson (Earth-616)/Appearances, Juliana Worthing (Earth-616)/Appearances, Dark Riders (Earth-616)/Appearances, Foxbat (Earth-616)/Appearances, Gauntlet (Dark Riders) (Earth-616)/Appearances, Psynapse (Earth-616)/Appearances, Tusk (Earth-616)/Appearances, Barrage (Earth-616)/Appearances, Hard-Drive (Earth-616)/Appearances, Department K (Earth-616)/Appearances, Arkansas/Appearances, Dust Bowl/Appearances, Canada/Appearances, Newfoundland and Labrador/Appearances, St. John's/Appearances, New York State/Appearances, Westchester County/Appearances, Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters/Appearances, Egypt/Appearances, Banī-Mazā/Appearances

X-Men Vol 2 15


X-Men Vol 2 15

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Quote1 Incredible. Even with a broken jaw, she can't shut up Quote2
-- Cannonball about Boom-Boom

Appearing in "The Camel's Back (X-Cutioner's Song Pt. 7)"Edit

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:

  • Mutant Liberation Front robots
  • Various robots of Department K


Synopsis for "The Camel's Back (X-Cutioner's Song Pt. 7)"Edit

Gambit and Quicksilver are saved from Reaper by Havok and Psylocke. Storm and Rogue and Polaris take down Dragoness and Strobe, while Iceman takes care of Slab and Thumbelina. Cannonball and Boomer fight old friends Rusty and Skids, just to find Stryfe. Stryfe talks to Cyclops and Jean Grey, claiming to be there son. He then gets disgusted and fights the Dark Riders. Soon Apocalypse appears, and Stryfe prepares to fight him.

  • Part 7 of the X-Cutioner's Song event.
  • Issue was poly-bagged with an X-Cutioner's Song trading card featuring the Mutant Liberation Front.
  • This issue is reprinted in comics and books, see references for info.[1]

  • No trivia.

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