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Quote1 I will... miss you, Scott. Quote2
-- Professor X

Appearing in "Elegy"Edit

Featured Characters:

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Synopsis for "Elegy"Edit

At the funeral of Jean Grey, Scott Summers listens over the eulogy and thinks back over the years of his relationship with Jean Grey:

He recalls the early day of the X-Men and how when Jean first joined the team they were all in love. He recalls the teams first battles with Magneto[2], Vanisher[3] and the Blob[4]; the formation of the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants[5] and their subsequent clashes against them[6][7]. Scott remembers how distant he felt with his teammates when Professor X briefly put him in charge of the school and how Warren began pursuing a relationship with Jean[8][9]. He also remembers their encounter with Ka-Zar in the Savage Land[10], the Stranger that saw the defeat of their old enemies Magneto and Toad[11], their battle against the Juggernaut[12][13], and Mastermold and the Sentinels[14][15][16].

He recalls a succession of battles against the likes of Mimic[17], Count Nefaria[18][19], the Locust[20], Chulculcan[21][22], Banshee[23], the Super-Adaptoid[24], Warlock[25], and Cobalt Man. He remembers how Warrens eventual relationship with Candy Southern would give way for Scott and Jean to pursue their own relationship[26].

The threats would continue to come however, with the return of Juggernaut who they defeated with the aid of Dr. Strange[27][28], their battle with Tyrannus and the Mole Man[29], their first encounter with Spider-Man[30], Mekkano[31] and their battle against Factor Three[32][33] which ended with a graduation and the group getting unique costumes[34]. He next remembers the day they battle Grotesk[35] a battle that saw the seeming demise of Professor X[36]. The menaces never stopped, like when they saved Lorna Dane from Mesmero and a Magneto robot[37][38][39], and when they rescued his brother Alex from the Living Monolith[40][41][42], and later stopped Larry Trask's Sentinels[43][44][45], and battled Sauron[46][47], Magneto and his Savage Land Mutates[48][49], the Japanese mutant Sunfire[50] and how Professor X resurfaced to prevent an invasion from the alien Z'Nox[51][52] and how Hank was mutated into a more furry form[53].

His mind then focuses on the formation of the new X-Men to save the old team from the mutant island Krakoa[54], and their first mission against Count Nefaria[55] that ended in Thunderbird's death[56]. He then recalls the capture of Jean and the X-Men by Stephen Lang's Sentinels[57][58] that would lead to the rebirth of Jean as Phoenix[59]. Battling the threats of Black Tom and Juggernaut[60][61], the return of Magneto[62], the arrival of Empress Lilandra[63] and how Phoenix saved the universe from destruction by stabilizing the M'Kraan Crystal[64] and after their battle with Weapon Alpha[65].

He recalls how their clash with Mesmero[66] and Magneto[67][68][69] would leave Scott and JEan to believe each other dead. Scott would go on to help save the Savage Land from Sauron[70] and Garok[71], Japan from Moses Magnum[72][73] and their clash with Alpha Flight in Canada[74][75]. While Cyclops and the X-Men were battling Arcade, Scott recalls how Jean was being secretly seduced by their old foe Mastermind[76][77]. He remembers their clash with Proteus[78][79][80][81]. Howe the reunited team would learn of Kitty Pryde and attempt to recruit her into the X-Men only to be ambushed by the Hellfire Club[82] and how they manipulated Jean into becoming their Black Queen[83] ultimately unleashing her Dark Phoenix persona[84] until she sacrificed her life[85].

With Scott's recollection complete, he offers his sympathies for Jean's parents. Lilandra offers them as well and gives the Grey's a gift, a holomatrix globe that would fill them with Jean's essence whenever they touched it. Meeting up with the Professor, Scott would tell him that he is quitting the X-Men. The Professor understands and wishes Scott the best of luck. With one X-Men leaving the ranks, a new one comes: A cab pulls up in front of Professor Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters and out comes Kitty Pride who sits on the steps waiting for the X-Men to come home from the funeral.

  • This issue is reprinted in many other comics and books, see references for more info.[86]

  • The tombstone lists Jean Grey's birthdate as 1956, making her 24 years old at this point.
  • With this issue, the cover price rises to 50 cents.

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