Quote1 Chuckles, I had one dy-no-mite debut goin' till you jokers crashed the gate. Now it's ruined. And for that, sucker, you gonna pay! Quote2
-- Dazzler

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  • Professor X's Rolls-Royce

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Continued from last issue...

Cyclops, Phoenix, and Nightcrawler have come to a Manhattan dance club to seek out the mutant in the are detected by Cerebro. Cyclops orders Nightcrawler to stay outside and watch secretly from the shadows for trouble while he and Jean search the nightclub for the new mutant. They are unaware that they are being watched by minions of the Hellfire Club, who have been sent out to capture the new mutant as well. Entering the club, Scott and Jean find the patrons to be very decadent. As they begin to canvass around to try and find the mutant, Jean finds the sordid thoughts among the crowd somehow attractive.

While at the Hellfire Club's headquarters, Jason Wyngarde and the head of the Hellfire Club, Sebastian Shaw -- get a report from the soldiers surveying the night club. Jason tells Shaw that he will personally see to Jean Grey and leaves to meet up with her at the night club. Shaw then checks in with the White Queen in Chicago. Emma reports back showing that she has captured Wolverine, Storm, Professor X, and Colossus, however the young mutant named Kitty Pryde has escaped. Unknown to her, Kitty has manage to sneak herself into Emma's industrial complex. Approaching Storm, she finds that something about the cages has dulled her mind. This however, doesn't stop Storm from being able to rip her costume and prove Kitty with a phone number to call. Kitty is soon spotted by one of Emma's guards and manages to flee the scene with her phasing powers.

Back in New York, Jean continues to search through the crowd when she is confronted by Jason Wyngarde, and she finds herself seemingly living the past of her ancestor once more. She is at a burned out church in the middle of a wedding ceremony between her and Jason, with Sebastian Shaw acting as priest. When they exchange vows, Jean is unveiled as the Black Queen and she lustfully kisses Jason. The seeming "time slip" ends and Jean finds herself kissing the modern day Wyngarde right in front of Scott.

Before Jean can begin to explain things, the musical act of the night appears on stage. She is a disco singer known as Dazzler who turns out to be the mutant they are seeking when they see her convert the sound around her into light displays. While outside, the car phone within the X-Men's Royals Royce begins to ring and Nightcrawler answers it. It is Kitty Pride calling for help, but before Nightcrawler can learn anymore he is attacked by one of the Hellfire Club soldiers in a specially made suit of armor to combat his powers. Two more of these soldiers also smash through the skylight of the dance club and attack Scott and Jean. Jean uses her powers to change their street clothing into costumes, shocking Scott at her display of power. The two find that these men's suit of armor have also been specially fashioned to combat their mutant abilities as well. They don't count on Dazzler entering the fight and distracting them with her light powers. This allows Jean to free Cyclops and the two switch opponents, easily defeating them.

The last soldier and Nightcrawler crash through the skylight and he is easily defeated by Phoenix. Nightcrawler explains to Cyclops and Phoenix that the X-Men in Chicago were ambushed. Cyclops briefly explains to Dazzler that she is a mutant and that they need her help in saving their friends. Dazzler is surprised by all this, but agrees to help. As they leave in the Royals, the men inside the club explode, destroying all evidence of the battle. As Cyclops drives away, he spots Jason Wyngarde and wonders what he was doing kissing Jean. As his car passes by, the shadow that is reflected does not match Wyngarde's body. After the X-Men drive off, Wyngarde laughs over the progress he is making with Jean Grey.

This story is continued next issue...

  • Jason Wyngarde is revealed as Mastermind. This is revealed through his shadow.


  • This issue is reprinted in many other comics and books, see references for more info.[1]

Common misconceptions have resulted from the obfuscation of Dazzler's creation -- namely, several readers believe X-Men creative team Chris Claremont and John Byrne were the character's originators. Although they wrote and penciled her first appearance, they had nothing to do with the character or series' creation. Those roles went largely to Tom DeFalco (who came up with the idea of her light-based powers), John Romita, Jr. (who provided the pencils), and Roger Stern (who conceived of the character's name), among others.

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