Quote1 See for yourself. Lorna's alive, I think. But this other one is beyond human help. Quote2
-- Nightcrawler

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Continued from last issue...

Responding to Lorna Dane's call for help, the X-Men rush to Muir Island in the Blackbird. Splitting into small groups to quickly search the facility, the X-Men deploy before their jet has even finished landing. Banshee and Cyclops find Lorna and the body of Angus MacWhirter.[1] In short order the X-Men find the rest of the station's known inhabitants.[2]

Moira tells the X-Men that Mutant X has escaped. Jamie recounts the events that happened after the X-Men were called - Jamie created duplicates to search the grounds after Lorna screamed. When one of them found Proteus, he possessed the doubles body, knocking Jamie for a loop. Wolverine brashly argues for immediate pursuit, but Cyclops, intimidated by the ease at which Proteus overpowered Jean Grey, Polaris, and Jamie Madrox, asks Moira for more information. Moira at first refuses to talk, but finally relents and reveals Proteus is her son.

Elsewhere, Proteus has escaped the island in Madrox's doubles body to the city of Stornoway. There he finds himself in need of a new body, but his attempt to snag Jason Wyngarde's is foiled by some sort of psychic defense. Ferdie Duncan fares less well.

The next morning the X-Men head to the mainland, reasoning Proteus will head towards a major city, and split up to search the area. Their activity does not go unnoticed - Jason Wyngarde observes their dispersal, and causes Jean to suddenly experience another reversion to the 18th century. She's riding a horse with Jason, on a hunt. Suddenly the dogs bring their quarry down, and when Jason clears them off they find its a man playing the part of the stag. And then Jason tells her it was her idea! She comes back to reality to find a mummified corpse where the man-stag's body was!

Wolverine, however, has picked up Proteus's scent. Ignoring the radio call that Jean has found a body, he follows his nose to a policeman. Proteus, impressed by how fast Wolverine saw through the flesh facade, tries to possess him - only to discover his body is laced with metal, a substance that is highly toxic to him! Nightcrawler comes driving up as Wolverine threatens to gut Proteus, only to find that Proteus is capable of warping reality itself![3] Wolverine's connection to the natural world via his heightened senses makes him especially susceptible, and he and Nightcrawler seem as if they will be overwhelmed when Storm arrives. While her attack distracts him, he quickly turns gravity upside down on her, smashing her into the earth. Injured, and soon to become Proteus's prey, she tries her hardest to blow him away with a massive gust of wind... and fails!

This story is continued next issue....

  • This issue is reprinted in many other comics and books, see references for more info.[4]

  • First time Wolverine reveals that his skeleton is adamantium.

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  1. You should remember him (and his possession by Proteus) from X-Men #119 and #125.
  2. When Cyclops finds Jean she is mostly unconscious, but murmurs 'Jason' when Scott talks to her. She is referring to Jason Wyngarde, Mastermind's fantasy persona from X-Men #125.
  3. This is where Proteus first gives the name he has chosen. It comes from Proteus, son of Oceanus and Tethys, who was capable of altering his form, and protean, referring to malleability of form and capability (because it is not yet formed).
  4. This story is reprinted in the following comics/TPB's:

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