Quote1 Like my name-sake, I'm fast an' I'm mean, an' when I get mad -- people get hurt!! Quote2
-- Wolverine

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  • Colosso
  • Unnamed Westchester policemen




  • Utility van

Synopsis for "The 'X'-Sanction"Edit

The X-Men are spending some much needed downtime to enjoy a game of baseball, after some play time, the group -- except Wolverine -- decide to take a break. With a man from the phone company coming, Moira MacTaggert rushes back to the mansion to answer the door. The man who answers the door is really Warhawk, who takes Moira down with a tranquilizer dart. He makes a run for the Danger Room computer controls and begins rigging something in the circuits when he is telepathically reminded by his mysterious employer that he will only retain his sanity if he succeeds in his mission.

Meanwhile, the X-Men finish up their baseball game, and Cyclops takes the team into the Danger Room for a training session. Jean doesn't join them and when the Professor asks why she skirts around the real reason: that the power of the Phoenix scares her and that she has come to enjoy using her powers. Warhawk manages to get the drop on them and knocks them both out with gas. While down in the Danger Room, the X-Men find themselves victims of Warhawk's trap: they are locked in the Danger Room and the various traps run wild, forcing the group to fight for their lives. Cyclops attempts to activate the emergency shut off but finds that someone has deactivated it. Pressed for options, Cyclops orders Nightcrawler to teleport himself and Wolverine outside and shut off the Danger Room from the control room. Nightcrawler complies, however his lack of experience teleporting himself with another individual causes both he and Wolverine to black out in the hallway.

As the other X-Men fight for their lives against defenses that become more and more difficult to fight off, Wolverine revives and kills the master power to the Danger Room. He is then attacked by Warhawk, and while Wolverine's caught off guard, his Adamantium claws are able cut through Warhawk's steel skin. The fight soon increases in Wolverine's odds as the other X-Men smash through the Danger Room door. As Warhawk attempts to use his gas bombs on the X-Men he finds that they have been taken off his belt courtesy of Nightcrawler, he is then knocked out by Colossus.

Later, when the police come to take Warhawk away, Captain Delaney asks how a group of "school kids" were able to capture a powerful super-villain, Scott tells him they got lucky. Back in the privacy of the Mansion, Jean makes a decision that she will remain with the X-Men. When Scott asks who sent Warhawk after them, the Professor tells his students that he was unable to pull that information from Warhawk's mind and cautions the X-Men about any coming threats. Wolverine reminds the Professor that they aren't pushovers and that they will be ready to face anyone who messes with them. This gets a approving cheer from the other X-Men.

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