Quote1 Great Idea, Honey-Bunch. Now Here's A Better One. Why Don't All Of You Freaks Go With Him! Quote2
-- The Entity's Construct Of Angel

Appearing in "Dark Shroud of the Past!"Edit

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • Dream X-Men
    • Angel - (Mental construct of Xavier's mind)
    • Beast - (Mental construct of Xavier's mind)
    • Marvel Girl - (Mental construct of Xavier's mind)
    • Iceman - (Mental construct of Xavier's mind)



Synopsis for "Dark Shroud of the Past!"Edit

Continued from last issue...

Just moments after the X-Men chased after Erik the Red through a warp-gate through space, Professor X, Misty Knight and the Jean Grey's parents are confronted by Firelord. The former herald of Galactus demands to know where the X-Men have gone. After Xavier explains that they have traveled to another galaxy, he is suddenly struck by another mental attack much like those he had when Empress Lilandra was approaching Earth. As Firelord inquires to Misty Knight if Xavier is okay, Xavier's mind lapses to a moment long ago when a similar attack brought Moira MacTaggert to his side....

[1] Xavier has called to Moira asking for her help, she tells him that she will and gives him a sedative to help him sleep. Meanwhile, down below, the newly formed X-Men are in a training session in the Danger Room. In the scenario, Colossus pushes Wolverine out of the way of danger, irking the feral mutant and he almost attacks Peter when Cyclops and the others stand in the way and break up the fight. Wolverine does not appreciate being ordered around and reminds Cyclops that he holds him personally responsible for Thunderbird's death[2].

As Cyclops tries to smooth things over and stresses the importance of teamwork and training when they are suddenly interrupted by the original X-Men: Marvel Girl, Angel, Iceman and Beast. They mock the new team for not having what it takes and begins a fight with them. Right off the bat, the new team notices some differences with this group of attackers than the old X-Men they met previously: All are wearing their original costumes, and the Beast is not covered in blue fur like when they met him last.

Storm battles Marvel Girl, Wolverine battles Iceman, Nightcrawler and Colossus fight the Beast, and Cyclops and Banshee tackle the Angel. Each of the original X-Men seem to be on the advantage, seemingly immune to the new teams powers. When Angel grabs Cyclops from behind, he lifts Scott's visor and forces the full fury of his optic blast on his comrades. Before any serious harm can happen, Professor X crawls into the room and uses his mental powers to summon the original X-Men away. He tells his new students that they were only mental constructs of the original team. When they ask who was responsible for the attack they get the answer by way of a direct attack: Professor X's unleashed dark side. The evil Xavier entity unleashes his full mental powers on the X-Men, however he is soon defeated when the real Professor summons constructs of the original team that beats the evil entity into submission, ending his threat. With the battle over, Xavier remarks that he must always keep his darker emotions in check lest he harm those he cares about the most.

With his recollection over, Xavier notices that Firelord is gone, and his thoughts then turn to his students who are a galaxy away and hopes that they survive the experience.

This story is continued next issue....

  • The Entity is considered a precourser to the being known as Onslaught the combination of both Charles Xavier and Magneto's dark sides.
  • This issue is reprinted in many other comics and books, see references for more information. However, this is the first issue of the Uncanny X-Men not to be reprinted in Classic X-Men. [3]
  • references: X-Men #105, X-Men #96, X-Men #95, and X-Men #94 (x2)
  • Professor X is the only X-Man to appear in both reality and his own dream. All the other X-Men are already halfway across the universe, and thus only appear in Xavier's dream.

  • This issue was published posthumously after artist Bob Brown's death.

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  1. These events happen just after X-Men #96
  2. X-Men #95
  3. This story is reprinted in the following comics/TPB's:

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