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X-Men Stratojet

X-Men Stratojet from Giant-Size X-Men Vol 1 1 0001
Information-silk Official Vehicle Name
X-Men Stratojet
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X-Men Stratojet
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Financied by Professor X
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A specialized private jet, purchased by Professor Xavier for the X-Men’s use shortly after an early encounter with the alien Lucifer. It would be used by the X-Men for a lengthy time as their principal mode of long-distance transportation, although fueling it was occasionally a hassle.

The X-Men used this aircraft to reach Krakoa, using its Vertical Take Off and Landing system to lower it to Earth. As the Stratojet was watertight, after Krakoa's disappearance the X-Men easily recovered it and flew off.[1]

The Stratojet was soon after destroyed by Count Nefaria, firing upon it with surface-to-air missiles after he and the Ani-Men had taken over Valhalla Base. A series of modified Blackbirds later replaced the STratojet as the customary “X-Jet”.


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