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This story is a reprint of the comic
Uncanny X-Men #173.

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  • Electric eye
  • Ray gun (Destruction)
  • Teleport rign


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This story is reprinted from Uncanny X-Men #173.

Wolverine and Rogue get rowdy with the Yakuza in a Ginza district bar. They get information from Akio that leads them to the crime lord Nabatone.

Elsewhere, Yukio seeks sanctuary for Storm and herself at one of the house of Yukio's friend, Tak. He says that there is no sanctuary for her and leaves them on the streets, where some lowlife muggers attack both of them.

Wolverine looks for the Silver Samurai, who plans on killing Mariko Yashida, his half-sister and Wolverine's fiancée. Their father was a crime lord, and the Silver Samurai wants Mariko dead so he can control that empire. Wolverine invited the X-Men to Japan for their wedding, only for everyone but Storm to be poisoned by the Silver Samurai.

Wolverine and Rogue infiltrate Nabatone's estate. Rogue accidentally sets off a security robot, and Wolverine saves her from the laser blast. They find the corpse of Nabatone Yokuse, who has been dead for over a week. The man who arranged the meeting between Mariko and the Silver Samurai was an impostor. Wolverine wonders if, while they have been wasting time chasing smoke, someone might try to attack Mariko and the poisoned X-Men in the hospital.

Elsewhere, Yukio easily defeats the muggers once Storm fries them with a little lightning. Inspired by Yukio, Storm begins to embrace her emotions instead of suppressing them.

Wolverine's fears are verified: Viper and a team of ninja assassins attack the hospital and dispatch the posted agents. Rogue flies in, grabs the whole gang of ninjas, including their leader, and tosses them aside; Viper orders her ninjas to kill Rogue while she looks for Silver Samurai. Wolverine challenges the Samurai and wins their brutal battle by breaking his arm. As he readies his claws for the killing blow, Mariko begs him to spare her half-brother.

Viper pulls a gun on Mariko and Wolverine, demanding they let the Samurai go. The Samurai faints just as Wolverine and Mariko make a run for it. Rogue throws herself into the ray's path before it hits them. Rogue causes the gun to overload, but suffers life-threatening injuries. Viper uses her ring to teleport herself and the Samurai away. Wolverine forces Rogue to absorb his powers to save her life.

A week later, while at the Yashida's ancestral seat preparing for the wedding, Mariko is visited by Mastermind. At the wedding reception, the X-Men are introduced to Cyclops' girlfriend, Madelyne Pryor. Everyone is shocked by her similarity to Jean Grey. Lilandra was so surprised that she almost attacks Madelyne, but Professor X and Colossus stop her. Storm arrives in her 1980's punk look, much to Kitty's apparent horror. Right before the ceremony starts, Mariko calls off the wedding in front of everybody. Wolverine asks Mariko why, and she tells him he is unworthy.

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