End of Days X-Men

X-Men Earth-3873 003
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End of Days X-Men
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X-Men Tower, Xaviera
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X-Men Tower, Xaviera
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X-Men Earth-3873 002

The X-Men battling the Sentinex

The remaining living X-Men include an elderly Wolverine, a muscular Graymalkin, an older Emma Frost now codenamed Diamondheart, Anole with two matching large reptilian arms and decrepit Ink.[1]

The X-Men now reside in X-Men Tower at the center of the sovereign island nation of Xaviera (established at an undetermined time in the future by U.N. General Assembly Resolution GSXM1 at an unknown date). [2]

Equipment: None known.
Transportation: X-Jet
Weapons: None known.

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