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Utopia's X-Men
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Wolverine and his supporters

During the human/mutant war, the X-Men were in the middle of the conflict. They managed to save the President from a mutant terrorist, changing the perception of the humans for the mutants, and bringing about (among other events) a era of cooperation between the two subspecies.

Professor X's dream of mutants and humans living in harmony has come true. A new police force is officiated by Jean Grey and Scott Summers, government-appointed officers, while Ororo Munroe is the school Headmaster, and the leader of one of the many X-Men squad, now composed of a couple or three mutants, a human, and a A.I. who ensure the legality of those police forces' actions.

Storm's squad is composed of the mutants Nate Grey, Psychedelia, the human David Chan and the A.I. Sarah (Model #00-1468).

James Howlett, on the other side, has become a super-terrorist due to a massive brain injury during the war. He see the change of the X-Men to a police force as a sellout of Xavier's dream. Along with his supporters, he fights the constant bigotry of humans, and is opposed to the X-Men.[1]

Charles Xavier's fate is unknown.

Equipment: None known.
Transportation: None known.
Weapons: None known.

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