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X-Men: The Animated Series Season 4 9


X-Men: The Animated Series Season 4 9

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"Beyond Good and Evil - Part 2: Promise of Apocalypse"

Information-silk Episode Title
"Beyond Good and Evil - Part 2: Promise of Apocalypse"
Larry Houston
Quote1 Cyclops is right. If Apocalypse and Sinister have joined forces and are able to instananeously travel through time and space, all existence is in danger. Quote2
--Professor X

Appearing in "Beyond Good and Evil - Part 2: Promise of Apocalypse"

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Synopsis for "Beyond Good and Evil - Part 2: Promise of Apocalypse"

When Oracle, the psychic member of the Imperial Guard is kidnapped by Apocalypse, Professor Xavier deduces his scheme involves capturing mutants with telepathic abilities. The X-Men are split up to track them down before the villains can, which puts Wolverine and Shard in the middle of a scuffle between Archangel and a ninja named Psylocke.


  • Psylocke's brother, whom she claims "fights for the good of all mutants", is the non-mutant Marvel Comics superhero Captain Britain (seen in a cameo in "The Phoenix Saga (4): The Starjammers").
  • Shard claims Archangel is "destined to join the X-Men" (though, as Angel, he apparently was part of the team once, as shown in flashbacks from "Proteus (1)", "Sanctuary (1)", and the upcoming "Xavier Remembers").
  • Magneto's deceased wife, mentioned here, will play a major part in the episode "Family Ties".


  • Wolverine calls Psylocke "black-haired", and Archangel calls her "raven-haired", despite the fact she has PURPLE hair.
  • The license plate on Psylocke's jeep reads: THX 1138.

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