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Quote1 He's down there somewhere. They can't stop me! I'm going to find my father! Quote2

1 Appearing in "Proteus - Part I"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:




2 Synopsis for "Proteus - Part I"

The long hidden secret patient of Muir Island, a reality-warping mutant teen known as Proteus, escapes from his 15-year long captivity, and wreaks havoc across Scotland searching out his father.

3 Notes

  • Technet, the interdimensional mercenary group from the comic "Excalibur", makes a cameo in the Muir Island pub (apparently the same mutant-filled one as in "The Cure"). Their roster here: Ringtoss (the yellow round-headed guy), Gatecrasher (the big blue woman), Yap (her shoulder-pal), Waxworks (the red squid-thing), Ferro (the furry-headed one), Scatterbrain (the green girl), China Doll (the light-blue lady), Joyboy (the small floating blob), Thug (the red & black shouldered creature), and Bodybag (the green snake-like guy).
  • The original five X-Men are shown in flashback, marking the first time Angel is officially revealed to have once been a member of the team. Iceman, a pre-furred Beast, and Cyclops are wearing their yellow & blue school-uniform spandex, while Angel and Jean Grey are wearing their second, more-individualized costumes.

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8.1 Footnotes

  1. First and only known appearance to date besides flashbacks